Sunday, 28 December 2008

Happy New Year!

I still don't know why I bother writing in here. No one reads it.

Oh well. Christmas is over now, and New Year is slowly sauntering towards us. I love christmas, but I am so glad it's out of the way now - it's so much stress sometimes! Despite that, I had an amazing christmas, and Caleb made it even better. It was so good to have him there, and on the saturday after christmas, yesterday, he started crawling. He's oh so slow, but he can do it. He can walk too, with a walker - not the seat type ones, but the ones that he actually has to stand and walk behind, rather than sitting in it.. His Grandma Kate and Grandad Graham got him one for Christmas, and he loves it. He's only fallen over once, lol.

I got some amazing presents for christmas, mostly from Steve, but his Mum and Dad did get me a Winnie The Pooh hot water bottle, which just made me giggle. They got me some slippers too, lol. I already have slippers AND - get this - the one's they got me were too small!!!! And flowery. Meh. Those of you that know me (and when you bother to read my blog) know I don't like flowers. Blue slippers with daisies on are not the best option for me lol. I got a nice scarf from his Grandma too, and a cross stitch pattern from his Sister, Shona.

I'll try to get on here more often now that Caleb doesn't need my constant attention. I have more spare time now, lol.

Anyway. Here's a few pictures, as an update from me. Comment if you want one or more of them. xx

He loved his Christmas Dinner!!

And I thought this bib was amazing!! My Mums friend, Liz, bought it for him.The bib says Santa's Helper. I love it.You know it had to be done. We put all the wrapping paper in the playpen, around him, purely so I could take this picture, Lol. You love it too!! The whole christmas outfit!

Enjoy, and have an awesome new year!! xxx