Monday, 25 August 2008

My First Blog / A little about me!!

Well I think the most important thing is my name! It's Lucy, although My family call me Heather as that was originally my name. I'm a Mother to my wonderful son, Caleb, who at the time I'm writing this is a) Fast Asleep, and b) Almost 5months old. My Mother (Lindsay / purplepds / A Caring Stitcher) was there on the 30th March at 11.43am when he made he entry into the world.

The picture below is a mere few weeks old, but it was his first smile. I shall post more pictures as they come, and My Mum shall have some to post on her blog too.Actually, here's a couple I want to show you all - I think the first is an amazing picture, the first time he had food that wasn't milk!! It's all over his face, and I don't think it's a very good picture, because I have to use my phone for photo's!! *Note to self - Get a digicam!!*

These next two are from his Daddy's Birthday - bearing in mind that was back in June haha!! In one he was obsessed with an envelope so we put it on his head, and the Multi-coloured thing in the other picture is a sticky bow, but its curled paper rather than a bow - Hope you get what I mean!!!
I probably won't get to post on here as often as My Mother does, but I shall try my hardest to keep this blog active!!

Thanks for reading,