Sunday, 18 April 2010

My DVD collection

Someone was showing there's, so I thought I'd show mine !!

The main lot of DVD's. Around a 750+ here. (sideways pic) You can just see the bottom shelf behind more stuff!
One side of my spinning DVD cabinet.
...and the other side of it.
A four shelf set. The top shelf, admittedly, is Wii games. But there is the top of the 3rd shelf, and another shelf below that.

The smallest unit. Holds 25.
The pile atop one lot of shelves.
A 50 Unit Rack, with more shoved in the top (sorry for the sideaways pic)
A 4 foot shelf (stuff in front, so had to take it from an angle) You can just see the fourth shelf at the bottom!
4 more shelves behind my armchair plus piles on the floor that are behind the stuff down there. (again, sorry for the sideways pic, uploaded straight from my camera card)