Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Not much to say, really...

...but my sister is moaning coz I haven't posted in over a month!! She needs to remember she hasn't posted since July 2nd, haha. Almost a month *sticks tongue out*

Not much has happened, really. Had a few companies mess us around, and been getting post for people who haven't lived in my house for ATLEAST 18months. The one that annoyed me the most was Axa Sunlife, since I have sent around a dozen letters back to them with "Not at this address" on, so I called them. And got through to a call centre. Yes, you guessed it, an INDIAN call centre, in INDIA. GRRRR. I don't mind speaking to Indian workers on the phone - provided they speak understandable english - but I do NOT appreciate the fact I had to CALL India to speak to someone because some halfwit doesn't do their job properly and REMOVE my address from their system when I send their mail back to them!

Other than that there's nothing to say, really..

Happy now, Mel?????? xxxx