Sunday, 28 December 2008

Happy New Year!

I still don't know why I bother writing in here. No one reads it.

Oh well. Christmas is over now, and New Year is slowly sauntering towards us. I love christmas, but I am so glad it's out of the way now - it's so much stress sometimes! Despite that, I had an amazing christmas, and Caleb made it even better. It was so good to have him there, and on the saturday after christmas, yesterday, he started crawling. He's oh so slow, but he can do it. He can walk too, with a walker - not the seat type ones, but the ones that he actually has to stand and walk behind, rather than sitting in it.. His Grandma Kate and Grandad Graham got him one for Christmas, and he loves it. He's only fallen over once, lol.

I got some amazing presents for christmas, mostly from Steve, but his Mum and Dad did get me a Winnie The Pooh hot water bottle, which just made me giggle. They got me some slippers too, lol. I already have slippers AND - get this - the one's they got me were too small!!!! And flowery. Meh. Those of you that know me (and when you bother to read my blog) know I don't like flowers. Blue slippers with daisies on are not the best option for me lol. I got a nice scarf from his Grandma too, and a cross stitch pattern from his Sister, Shona.

I'll try to get on here more often now that Caleb doesn't need my constant attention. I have more spare time now, lol.

Anyway. Here's a few pictures, as an update from me. Comment if you want one or more of them. xx

He loved his Christmas Dinner!!

And I thought this bib was amazing!! My Mums friend, Liz, bought it for him.The bib says Santa's Helper. I love it.You know it had to be done. We put all the wrapping paper in the playpen, around him, purely so I could take this picture, Lol. You love it too!! The whole christmas outfit!

Enjoy, and have an awesome new year!! xxx

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Not long til Christmas!

This month has gone really quickly, as has the rest of the year. Caleb's second tooth cut through the other day, so he now has two, although one is decidely taller than the other. I would get a picture, but he won't let me near his mouth long enough. It's his two front teeth, which is ironic considering we are now on the run up to Christmas. It's the bottom two though, rather than the top two. So not quite the same but there you go.

I forgot to post this picture on the last blog. It's Caleb on Hallowe'en. I thought he looked really sweet, so here you go.

Hope you love this picture as much as I do.

Enjoy, and I shall post more soon.


Sunday, 2 November 2008

November already.

Madness. I can't believe how fast this year has gone! Seems like it was only a month ago (tops!) since Caleb was born! I know it's been just over 7months now, but it really doesn't seem it!! Oh well.

Hallowe'en was fun. Being a Friday, Steve and I went and did all our normal shopping - with a pumpkin thrown in! - and then got the house ready for our 'party'. Steve's Mum and Dad, his Mum's friend Maureen and Maureen's 3year old Granddaughter Ellie came over, and we ate and drank (Punch - not alcohol!) and just had fun really. Ellie was a bit OTT, but oh well. Steve's Mum gave her a torch, and she thought it was the best thing in the world, and - despite the fact Caleb was in bed - she danced around and shouted and screeched without a care in the world! Luckily she didn't wake Caleb.

My sister found it quite funny that Caleb got his tooth. Her comment was something along the lines of "aww he can bite you now" - which I already knew because that's how I discovered he had a tooth so :p to you Mel!!

Anyway, I'm trying to watch Brittania High while writing this, and I can smell the delights the Steve is cooking up for Dinner - no idea what it is but what the hell, it's normally something gorgeous, him being a Chef - wafting in from the Kitchen, so I guess I'll head off, and I'll be sure to post another blog when I have anything interesting to say!

Oh - Caleb has over 40 bibs!! OMG!

Lucy. x

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A Quiz. About Stitching. Lol.

I got this from my Mum's blog. Thank you, Mum, for giving me something to do!

1, How old were you when you started cross stitching? I think I was about 8/9.

2, Who taught you to cross stitch? My Mum

3, What inspired you to begin cross stitching? My Mum, Haha.

4, What has been your most difficult cross stitch piece? I know it's hardly a huge project, but "The Four Food Groups" - Mum should remember it! Unfortunately I can't find it since I moved!

5, Do you have friends that stitch? Does my Mum count as a friend? I've got a friend here in Northampton, Freya. And my partner Steve.

6, What is your favorite stitched piece? Again, Four Food Groups. But I want to start some new stuff.

7, What is your favorite fabric? Normally 22 - I go cross eye's with anything higher!

8, What is your favorite fiber? I'm guessing by fiber you mean threads? If so, DMC - It's what I grew up with!!

9, What is your favorite needle? A sharp one. I'm not really all that fussed about the make. I'm not as hardcore as my Mum!

10, Do you prefer black & white or colored charts? Black & White, for the same reasons as my Mother lol. They are easier to follow and to highlight. And I grew up with them!

11, How many Works In Progress do you have at this time? Lol, without sounding too pathetic I hope - 2!

12, How many UFO's do you have at this time? Umm, One. Because it's on printed fabric and I'm bored with it!

13, How many cross stitch charts/kits/mags do you own? I don't know. Though again, it's not even a quarter of the amount Mum has!

14, How much fabric do you have in stock at this time? The fabric that is in the projects I own! None other lol.

15, Where is your favorite place to stitch? On the sofa or in an arm chair. Depends where I'm sat at the time!

16, What is your favorite time of day to stitch? Normally in an afternoon, I'm not really with it before that.

17, How many pieces have you stitched in your lifetime? Haven't got a clue but not really that many!

18, Do you give your stitched pieces away? Only as gifts to family and close friends!

19, How many different fibers do you have in stock at this time? Again, only the ones in projects.

20, How many pairs of scissors do you own? Stitching scissors - 1 pair.

21, Do you use stitching enhancers (lights, scroll frames...etc)? Nope.

22,How many pieces that have been stitched but not yet framed or finished off in some other way do you have at this time? One that I can think of - The Four Food Groups!

23, Do you have a craft/stitching room? Nope. Would have if I didn't have Caleb!

24, Why do you stitch? Because I enjoy it and my Mum taught me how to do it quite early in life.

25, What is your most memorable time related to cross stitching? Winning a Trophy for "Please Wipe your Paws" at the Village Show in Weaverham.


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Caleb's first tooth....

.... came through today.

It's just cut through the gum, and you can feel the very top of it, but it's not hugely visible.. You can see where the gum has split though.

Thought I'd post it even though no-one will read it =p



Monday, 13 October 2008

Oh my Gosh!

I counted Caleb's bib's today, just out of curiosity. And I know people say you need a lot of bibs, but I think 40+ is a little excessive, do you? AND I only counted the ones that are clean!! I didn't count the ones that are in the wash, or the one that he was wearing!! Madness I tell you, madness!!


Saturday, 11 October 2008

Random blog just to please my Sister

Caleb is six and a half months old now and boy it's gone so fast. But I love it.
I'm slowly managing to get a social life again, even if it is just meeting friends in town or chatting on MSN. I'm having a Hallowe'en Party. Only my fella's Parent's and the new neighbours. But still, it's a party. I'll enjoy it either way.

I'm only writing another blog because my sister was moaning lol. She wants to write comments for me, but she moans that there is not enough for her to comment on.
Unfortunately I can't post any new pictures - even though I have some awesome ones to show you! Unfortunately they are on the wrong phone as the one that I can connect to the computer broke the other week. And I don't have a cable for the one that has the pictures on!
We took Caleb to feed the ducks again today, and he was sitting in his buggy just staring at them for around 20 minutes! We tried to teach him how to throw the bread too but he was more interested in eating it so we gave up and fed the ducks ourselves! After we'd fed the ducks we walked around the pond where the ducks were (I say pond - it's more of a mini lake) and then went to the play area on the way home. It was remarkably busy, which was not surprising, given the gorgeous weather we had all day today, and we waited so Caleb could go on the swings again, because he loved them so much the last time he was on them. He loved them today too, although at times he looked a little scared too! Oh, we sat him in a tree too. There is a lovely tree at the park that has a beautifully twisted tree, just perfect for climbing but with a few seat like branches, and I have a photo of Steve holding Caleb on the branch so I can take the picture, and it is an amazing picture. The sun is just shining through the leaves behind them and I just love it!!
Anyway, hope this is enough for you Mel, and I shall try to post a little more often!!

So.. Comment me people.

Friday, 10 October 2008

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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

General update.

Well. Yeah. A general update.

Caleb is quite the giggler now, we have a hard job stopping him sometimes. It's really good though, I love his giggle. He has also learnt that he can squeek if he breathes a certain way - so, of course, he does it all the time and scares me half to death because I think he's not breathing properly! I think he's going to be a musician. He is always dancing when music is on, and he's always making some noise or a another, and it almost sounds like he is singing. He loves anything that makes a noise, so he has a Lion that roars, a little Lamb that bleats, and a small rattle shaped toy that plays "You are my Sunshine" when you squeeze it.

Another thing he loves - something that is odd for a baby - is having his nappy changed. He always giggles and tries to help. He pulls the tabs open on the nappies himself, atleast on one side, which makes it easier for me to change him! I find it rather odd that he enjoys this - I've never met a baby that enjoys nappy changing.

He's always getting new outfits too.. Here is a picture of him in one his Auntie Shona got him (His Dad's sister).I think this outfit is awesome. The t-shirt, in case you can't make it all out, says "I cry over spilt Milk". Shona thought this was fantastic and couldn't resist buying it for him.
This next one is of him looking rather like a dalmation in his Pyjama's, I thought they were rather cute. I think these were either from his Auntie Mel - my sister, Or Grandad Russ - My dad. It was way back when he was born that they gave me these, hence why I can't remember!

Doesn't he just look SO cute? I love these Pyjama's. They are 3-6 month, but they are still too big for him at 5 and a half months, so I think he'll get plenty of wear out of them, which is good, and cheaper for me too. Give it a few more months, and he'll be in proper Pyjama's, rather than an all in one suit.

Anyway. On another subject, as much as I love going on about my gorgeous Son, I want to rant about the Weather.

We had flood warnings on Friday, and the rain was horrible. So we had to do our food shop in the rain, and we had Caleb with us, as his Granny Kate - who normally has him for the day on a friday - said that the weather channel had warned people not to drive. We saw hundreds of cars out but what the hey. Don't know if any of you have ever tried it, but walking to town in torrential rain with a buggy and no waterproof coat is sure not fun, and not something I'd choose to do again. Unfortunately, we only buy enough food to last us friday to friday, and so if we hadn't have gone shopping until the Saturday or Sunday we'd have had nothing to eat!

And Mum - we found Nemo....
And Dory.....

And the shrimp that liked bubbles! Believe it or not, these shrimp are called "Sexy Shrimp"! They were all at the london zoo, part of my birthday treat from Steve. So ner! I found them all. We did find Finn to, but the piccy wasn't very clear.. =( I shall post a blog with a link to my deviation of the London Pictures, as there are just too many to put in a blog. I think there was around 130..

Anyway. Thanks for reading. Hope to see some comments soon *cough*Mum*cough*Mel*cough*

Lol. Speak soon.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

I hate the bank.

Basically, I think the title says it all. I hate the bank. I'm sick to death of them messing me around. Last month, someone used my card in France, and they've done it again this month. I've never even been to France! They could have had the decency to take me with them seeing as they are using my account!! And It's around £65 each time!! I'm so not happy. Also, there has been other fraud on my account. £200 - £140 of which wasn't even there - has been taken from my account. It was taken on a Sunday when I was at home watching films with my future hubbie. And it was in an adjoining village to the town centre. I live in the town centre, and the one it was taken from, if I were to walk to it, would take me a good 40minutes. And if I were to walk to my nearest one it would take about 5minutes. Which am I likely to choose if I needed money, eh? It has infuriated me more than it normally would, as the money that was in there is the money needed to pay the bills. Luckily I managed to pay them OK, but it was a close call!

Oh well. Never mind. The bank will sort it out. They best do anyway. I've sent off all the forms and stuff.

I'm looking forward to the end of this month, as I am going to take Caleb to go and see my family again. He's a little older now and might enjoy it more than last time as he will be awake more of the time and can spend time with his Auntie Mel and one of his Grannies. Although it might be a few days later than I originally planned, because of the problems with the bank. Gah. It will be good fun though. I'm taking my sister's birthday present up with me when I go, (even though her birthday isn't until mid october) and she is keeping mine from my birthday last week until I go up there. So it will be a present exchanging time too. Always good!!

I've got a couple more pictures of Caleb now, here is one of him sitting on the sofa propped up with cushions at his Dad's Mum's house - Granny number 2 - reading one of those fabric baby books. Well, looking at it and then seeing if it tastes any good, rather than reading!!
I suppose he kinda looks like he's asking us what exactly we want him to do with it. But just seconds before we took this he was chomping away on it quite happily!!

Enjoy - comments please!!


Monday, 25 August 2008

My First Blog / A little about me!!

Well I think the most important thing is my name! It's Lucy, although My family call me Heather as that was originally my name. I'm a Mother to my wonderful son, Caleb, who at the time I'm writing this is a) Fast Asleep, and b) Almost 5months old. My Mother (Lindsay / purplepds / A Caring Stitcher) was there on the 30th March at 11.43am when he made he entry into the world.

The picture below is a mere few weeks old, but it was his first smile. I shall post more pictures as they come, and My Mum shall have some to post on her blog too.Actually, here's a couple I want to show you all - I think the first is an amazing picture, the first time he had food that wasn't milk!! It's all over his face, and I don't think it's a very good picture, because I have to use my phone for photo's!! *Note to self - Get a digicam!!*

These next two are from his Daddy's Birthday - bearing in mind that was back in June haha!! In one he was obsessed with an envelope so we put it on his head, and the Multi-coloured thing in the other picture is a sticky bow, but its curled paper rather than a bow - Hope you get what I mean!!!
I probably won't get to post on here as often as My Mother does, but I shall try my hardest to keep this blog active!!

Thanks for reading,