Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I Know, I know!

It's been over a week. I know. But I've been busy. Everyone has been messing us around this week. The old Landlords, the council, the Gas safety company. And to top it all off, the weather, while fun, has been horrendous, as I'm sure you know!
I tell you, pushing a buggy through 5 inches of snow is no easy task!! I have some major muscles in my arms and legs from doing it now though!! It doesn't help that people clear their cars into huge piles of snow in the middle of the path, of course. If they cleared it into more of a series of piles down one side of the path I'd get somewhere, but I had to *literally* weave my way down the path to get to the end of the road! AND then I had to navigate the roads, because the traffic lights went down. The system got snowed in. SO many people seem to think that because the lights are out they never have to stop! We spent 5 minutes at a crossing the other day, that, if the lights were working, we would have crossed in less than a minute.

This is a really short post, I know, but here is another pic of some finishes. Steve's again! I've been working on an exchange piece, so, for obvious reasons, I can't post it yet! I'll post it once I know it's been received at the other end!! (Considering I've not sent it yet, that could be a while!)

Anyway, feast your eyes on these beauties. The Taz was his FIRST EVER finish. The Pokeball was done after the sonic that is in the last post!

Until Next week! xx