Saturday, 31 January 2009

Wedding, Cairo, and Cross Stitch!

It's official. (Almost).
My Birth Certificate came in the post the other day, and so Steve and I are saving up to pay for out wedding. We'll have enough to book it and pay for it by the end of February. So we'll be getting married this year. Before October. There is reason for the time limit.

We can go to Cairo for a little over 800 pound, in October, for a week, which will be our honeymoon. We've both wanted to go to Cairo for ages, and it seems like the perfect oppurtunity, now. So, we're saving up, and asking for money towards it, rather than wedding presents, so that we can book it and go!

As Peter Kay would say, Book it, Pack it, F**K off! (Sorry Mum!)

On the Cross Stitch front, it's a HD for Steve. He finished this little number in a matter of days, and it's a lot better than his first cross stitch. The back on his first was a mess, but this one is really good. And it's only his second cross stitch!! The camera on my phone isn't so good, so sorry for the bad quality. I'll be getting a digital camera before we go to Cairo!

See you soon!!


Friday, 23 January 2009

Nothing much to update.

Ok, I know. It's been 8 days. I thought I'd written in here last friday, not thursday. Oops. Atleast I haven't left it for MONTHS and MONTHS!!

There isn't really much to update, to be honest. I've finally caught up on the washing, and I now have Sky TV, but that's literally about it. Oh, and I'm sending off for my Birth Certificate next week, so Steve and I can get married!! I can hardly wait!!

See you in a week!!


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Within a Week!

Well. The mound of washing is slowly decreasing, so that's on the up!

Caleb has a fourth tooth. It has cut through within the last couple of days, but I didn't notice until today. He's going to look so cute soon, when it gets a bit longer, and you can see all four! Hehe, I can't wait!

On a slightly sadder note, my fiancée Steve's Dad is in hospital, but they don't know what wrong with him. They thought it was Pneumonia, but when they did the x-ray they couldn't see it, and according to the doctor they would have been able to see "a pneumonia" on the x-ray. So we're just hoping he'll be OK. We took Caleb to see him today, and it certainly lifted his spirits, seeing his grandson for an hour. He looked a lot happier when we left than he did when we got there.

Been watching Krypton Factor on TV lately. It sure is good to see it back. Same with Lark Rise to Candleford.

For those of you that used to watch Sugar Rush, we found out why there wasn't a series 3. It was all planned and the cast had all agreed to it. Channel 4 decided that they didn't have a viewing slot for it. Yet they can repeat Friends every morning, and they put Big Brother on three times a day too. Stupid people. If they pulled their finger out then their ratings would rocket! They need to get a grip on life. We also discovered that they axed another Gay type programme, at around the same time. So we're thinking that maybe they are trying to please the people that don't agree with Lesbians and Gay Men. AND THEN, Channel Four said that series 3 was NEVER planned. Bloody Sods. Axing the good shows, and replacing them with rubbish!

Anyway. Rant Done.

Talk to you within a week! xxx

Saturday, 10 January 2009


OK. Now I know I have more readers than just my Sister and My Mum (Hi Tawny - *waves*), I guess I'll make EVEN MORE of an effort to write in here! I shall make it a *late* New Years Resolution to write in here ATLEAST once a week!

Caleb has a third tooth now, but it's not big enough to see if I take a picture, as it isn't fully grown out yet. His first and second are still uneven, bless him. When I can, I'll take a picture. It's not hugely noticable, but boy did we know about it. It's the only one so far that has bothered him enough to wake him up at night, but now that it's come through it's back to his normal sleep pattern.

We got a new washing machine yesterday, and I have so far done 5 loads of washing. We've not had a working washing machine since august, and my future Mother in Law has been doing one or two loads of washing a week for us, just so we had enough clothes to live in! We have loads to catch up on though, so I've been washing and washing, and it's all drying on the airer and on radiators. It's good, because our house has to be quite warm, because of Caleb, so the washing dries quite fast even when it's not on the radiators.

On a different note, this film I'm watching is really odd. It's called Snow Cake. It's got Alan Rickman in it, and it's good, but wierd!!

Anyway, signing off to watch the film properly.

See you within a week! (Hopefully) x