Monday, 16 March 2009

Wedding :)

So. We booked our wedding this morning :) For April 11th. Three weeks on saturday :) At 10am. Everyone keeps asking me if I think it's too soon, and if I have anything ready. It's like they don't trust me to think for myself. And, no, Mum, and Gran, I don't mean you. I mean people that don't read this blog.

Like I keep saying, and like people have said to me (You know who you are) It's MY wedding. I can organise it for WHEN I like. Not when everyone else WANTS me to have it. MINE and STEVE'S. OURS.

Rant Over.

Caleb can stand up on his own now. Without holding on :) He'll be walking soon :) I can and I can't wait :) I want him to start walking, but at the same time, I will have to chase him around the house all the time lol. I'm so proud of him. He's learning to talk too. So far we have 'Mum', 'Dadada', 'I' (Hi), and the occasional 'buhbye'. He can wave now too :)
That's all til next week :) xx

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Yes, you saw right! We have carpet now - in the hall and on the stair and landing, and in Caleb's room, at least. The carpet there had to be laid by the profeesionals (It was paid for by our support team, rather than ourselves, and that was the only condition) but we are laying the rest ourselves, or rather Steve is, when I am away at the end of the month. That carpet and underlay along with the door thingies (the silver bars) is being delivered on Saturday afternoon, so we have it ready.

It's been somewhat of a DIY Week in our house this week - and a busy one at that. Obviously, we had the carpet today, but we've been putting shelves up too. At first we couldn't because we didn't have a drill, then we didn't have the right drill bit once we bought a drill. Then we got the right drill bit but the drill itself doesn't have the power to drill into brick. So we ended up borrowing Steve's Dad's drill anyway! So the shelves will get put up this weekend, and then the hoover will get its first airing in this house. I know that sounds really bad, because we have lived here over a year, but up until now we have only had bare floorboards or rugs, and even where the rugs were, there hasn't been much space to fit a hoover through, because we hadn't ventured into the attic to store excess stuff! We done that now, and there is noticably more space - especially in Caleb's room. We're going to put his stairgate up this weekend (It's going across his bedroom door - so now he won't always have to be in the front room where he gets bored because he is confined to a smaller space (until we get carpet) - and then he can roam around in his room to his hearts content, and we can leave his door open so we can hear him, rather than having his monitor on all the time!

Enough from me for now, speak soon! x

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I know.

Forgive me. It's been AGES since I posted last!
I've not really had anything to say, to be honest.
Not much now either, lol, but I thought I'd post a general update anyway.

On the money side of things, the Jobcentre have, once again, managed to cock up. They overpaid us by about 3 months on the Income Support (apparently - they never actually told us!!) and so cancelled the claim without warning, leaving us with NO money at all. We've applied for Job Seekers Allowance, but we put our claim in on the 17th of February and have heard nothing yet. When we called them to find out what was happening on Friday the 27th, they told us they were still dealing with claims from the 12th of February. Not much good to us now is it. So we still have no money to feed any of us on. Luckily, we get Healthy Start Vouchers for Caleb's Milk, but he'll be moving on to Cows Milk in the next few weeks, so that's going to start costing us more!
Hopefully the Jobcentre will pull their fingers out soon, and actually DO their Job!

On a lighter note, Caleb now has a 5th tooth. Another one on the top, next to the first two he got. He's been a bit more of a nuisance with this one than he was with the others, but I've been giving him Calprofen and it seems to have helped!

On an even happier note - I'm going to visit my Family for a few days at the end of the month :) Haven't seen them since the beginning of December, so it will be good. Hoping to meet up with a friend of mine while I am up there too - she's one of Caleb's GodMothers.

Have a nice week, and I'll post again soon! x